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     NCHN Partnership Opportunity

NCHN is seeking a limited number of Partners to assist us in our mission of supporting and strengthening health networks. These select partners will provide educational services and/or products relevant to health networks and their members. NCHN looks to engage the partners in a yearlong educational and marketing program at the national level. 

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CONTACT: Robert Tietjen
PHONE:  208-403-3234  
Camtiva specializes in assisting in catching missed hospital charges. As an NCHN Partner, Camtiva will assist NCHN in supporting and strengthening health networks by providing educational services and products relevant to health networks and their members.
Camtiva's ChargeVu software is a web-based tool your hospital members can utilize to help ensure charges are never missed again.  This is accomplished by finding patterns in their past charge data on items that tend to be paired together, and creating rules to ensure future claims don't miss one of the items that should exist in the pair (unlike most claim scrubbing tools that base rules only on national CCI edits).  If a charge appears to be missing, an alert is sent, so they can quickly edit claims BEFORE the bill leaves the facility. ChargeVu makes it possible to augment their claim scrubbing and denial management services with automated, real-time information that can be acted upon immediately. These tools will either be integrated with their electronic health records or run against data queries.  By automating these processes, their business office and management only need review alerts and follow-up as needed.  Even Camtiva's small clients are already finding hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.
For more information please contact Robert, download this flyer and/or visit Camtiva's webpage