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     NCHN Partnership Opportunity

NCHN is seeking a limited number of Partners to assist us in our mission of supporting and strengthening health networks. These select partners will provide educational services and/or products relevant to health networks and their members. NCHN looks to engage the partners in a yearlong educational and marketing program at the national level. 

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BPM  (click logo to view BPM's website)                                                                          
The value of information security is often only recognized after a breach or incident has impacted a business
and its bottom line. Without specific regulatory guidance, businesses are often unsure of the risk mitigation
measures that are appropriate for their industry and threat environment. BPM understands how to balance
information security and business needs. Our Comprehensive Penetration Testing service will identify
vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, allowing you to make well-educated decisions on where to best
allocate your resources.


  • Comprehensive Penetration Test
    • Red Team/Capture the Flag
    • Application Penetration Test: Web/Mobile/Client-Server
    • Device Penetration Test
    • Password Audit
    • Firewall Ruleset Review
    • Infosec Configuration Review
    • Wireless Penetration Test
    • Social Engineering Penetration Test
    • Physical Security Penetration Test
    • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Infosec Program Review/AuditInfosec Risk Assessment
    • Cybersecurity Culture Audit
  • Infosec Training
    • Social Engineering Awareness
    • Leadership/Governance

Why BPM?

  • Services Mapped to Healthcare Compliance Needs
  • Assessment/Testing Focus
    • Tests that Go Beyond the Scans
    • No Conflict of Interest Services
  • Outstanding Personnel
    • No fewer than four SMEs per Penetration Test
    • Peer Review Team Approach
    • Deep Experience
    • Continually Refining and Evolving
  • Comprehensive, Flexible Reporting
  • Clients Are Our Best Advocates
For more information please click the link to contact:
David Trepp, M.S.
Partner, IT Assurance
Partner in Charge, Eugene
Information Security Assessment Services Group Leader