About NCHN

Mission Statement

The NCHN is a national association of health networks and strategic partners.  Our mission is to support and strengthen health networks.

Vision Statement

NCHN will be a dynamic, progressive, and nationally recognized professional association that is relevant for health networks regardless of stage of development.  NCHN is characterized by proactively:
  • Linking members and resources
  • Sustaining an engaged membership
  • Sharing of expertise and best practices
  • Facilitating communication and information sharing
  • Providing meaningful program opportunities
  • Developing and maintaining dynamic leadership
  • Advocating for member needs and interests on a national level
  • Ensuring the financial stability of the organization


The first informal meetings of NCHN began in the late 1980's. Early pioneers would choose a regional location, and meet for a few days to discuss activities of their networks. The five to seven members represented newly organized networks, each unique and a visionary in forging a new approach to forming relationships among largely competitive institutions and providers to achieve quality, affordable, and sustainable healthcare, particularly in rural areas.

These meetings were held for several years. At one point the group met at the National Rural Health Association conferences. Eventually the group decided it would be useful to create a more formal entity, dedicated just to networks. The first official meeting of NCHN was held in Tempe, Arizona, on December 4, 1995. At this meeting 13 different organizations were represented.

Since that time NCHN has made significant progress. Initially the organization aligned itself with the National Cooperative Business Association to assist in the development of network services. NCHN has since moved forward to carry out their mission as an independent organization. Programs have been developed, administrative services are provided, and regularly scheduled meetings are held. NCHN subcontracts administrative services to one of the members in an effort to more feasibly carry out the mission of the organization.