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Hospital Network Leader Roundtable 3:00 ET
July 25, 2024 at 3:00 PM
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Hospital Network Leader Roundtable 3:00 ET
September 26, 2024 at 3:00 PM
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  Please click GrantStation to order their webinars. NCHN has already paid for these following webinars for NCHN members.
    1. Building a Proposal Writing Team    2.Getting Your Organization “Grant Ready”     3  Building Capacity Through In-Kind Contributions
    4. Time Saving Techniques in Proposal Writing    5.What To Do When You Don't Get Funded

 Welcome to NCHN

The National Cooperative of Health Networks Association (NCHN) is a national professional membership organization comprised exclusively of health networks, alliances, and/or  consortiums dedicated to supporting the success of health networks.

NCHN is a not-for-profit national membership organization, which is governed by its members through an elected Board of Directors. Founded in the late 1980s, NCHN was incorporated in 1995. NCHN is a dynamic, progressive, and nationally recognized professional organization that is relevant for health networks regardless of their stage of development.

  NCHN Business Partner Features 

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Caret Health has a next generation technology solution, including staffing, that provides a hyper-focused turnkey approach to identifying and engaging Rural Hospitals’ and Clinics’ highest risk patient populations remotely, to close more care gaps on behalf of our clients’ providers, leading to much improved performance with Quality and Cost Efficiencies.  Typically, 50% or more of high-risk patients’ care gaps can be closed with Caret’s Remote Care Interventions Solution, which also significantly reduces physician and administrative burdens.

Caret Health is Bridging the Technology Gap for Rural Hospitals and Clinics

“I’ve had a passion for rural healthcare as a result of my work over the past two decades with Studer Group, Caravan Health and now Caret Health, and I’ve worked with hundreds of rural executive teams and their boards to provide solutions that make healthcare better for patients, physicians and employees in rural communities.  Given existing technology limitations in rural healthcare I believe that together, with Caret Health’s technology platform, we can forge a more resilient and accessible rural healthcare landscape. Thank you for your continued dedication to improving healthcare in our communities.”                                                                         

George Scarborough Sr VP at Caret Health 

Check out Caret Health’s article “Transforming Rural Healthcare: Digital Pathways to Access and Excellence” here

Caret Health’s Solution is designed to provide:

  • Affordable Access for Rural Hospitals and Clinics to a Next Generation Technology – Our technology is very advanced, and yet nimble, allowing us to be very flexible in our solution offerings, which greatly benefits rural hospitals from an affordability standpoint. (See promotional offer below for NCHN Network Members)
  • Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services – Caret Health provides a low-cost, all-In-One CCM Solution, including Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth, Patient Surveys and other methodologies to increase patient engagement with the highest risk, chronic patient populations.
  • Reduced Physician and Administrative Burdens – Caret combines task management with proactive intervention and a centralized care team (with as little as 1 MA to 1000 patients) allowing for efficient care management with fewer resources.
  • Improved Performance on Quality, Star Ratings and Cost Efficiencies* – Whether your organization has entered into a Value-Based Care agreement or not, Caret’s platform will set you up for success in an existing VBC agreement or prepare your organization for its entry into VBC.  *Client Case Studies and Testimonials Available Upon Request
  • Combat Financial Instability - Caret enables a forward-looking data approach with Ai and predictive analytics. These insights can help optimize revenue, reduce operational costs, and mitigate the risk of closures.  In addition, as a result of improved Quality and Star Ratings performance, Outmigration will be reduced.
  • Reduce Disparities in Healthcare Access and Quality: Through its end-to-end solution, Caret Health’s proactive interventions enable the creation of collaborative care networks, integrating SDoH screening tools to address non-medical factors impacting patient health for holistic care improvement and care gap closures.

Caret Health Promotion for NCHN Members:

  • 6-month Quality Improvement Pilot to allow Caret Health to prove its value to you
  • Full Access to Caret Health’s Technology Platform and Centralized Care Team
  • Low-Cost and Low-Risk Pilot if a minimum of three rural hospitals participates from a network
  • Expiration of Offer – Commitment to begin pilot must be completed by July 31, 2024, with flexibility on start date

 Interested in Learning More? 

We encourage all NCHN members to explore the opportunities this partnership offers. Whether you're interested in a low-risk and low-cost pilot or wish to learn more about how Caret Health can transform your healthcare delivery, we invite you to reach out directly to Caret Health's leadership.  Please reach out to George Scarborough at or 770-925-5604.


Larkin Health System currently sponsors 528 residents and fellows in 41 different specialties, 315 of which are in areas of Statewide Supply/Demand Deficit. Larkin has partnered with NCHN to expand these programs in Rural areas.

For informaiton please contact:
Jack Michel, MD




Founded in 1998, Pinnacle is a dynamic healthcare consulting company with access to expert resources to assist with the operational, planning, and transactional support needs of hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare organizations. Pinnacle is a trusted advisor to a wide range of for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare organizations nationally. 

 Pinnacle leverages the resources of our six consulting divisions to provide superior services such as: provider arrangements & compensation valuation; transaction support services & valuation; strategy, operations & cost reduction; coding, compliance & revenue cycle services; enterprise risk & healthcare operations management support; and, real estate consulting. The consulting divisions and affiliated companies apply years of experience and a multitude of industry resources to improve business performance. 

 Pinnacle’s team has a long history of developing and implementing value-based care arrangements. Our expertise ranges from launching startups to improving the operations of existing arrangements. We provide practical strategies to Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to assist stakeholders in achieving better health outcomes for populations by improving care delivery and coordination. We help build systems and skills that promote smarter healthcare spending. Pinnacle’s goal is to help clients demonstrate measurable success in quality, efficiency and coordination of patient care while reducing spending throughout the care continuum. 

For more information please contact:
Anthony Long, Partner


 TRS Healthcare is one of the nation’s 35 largest travel nursing firms and has been providing quality temporary nursing staff to hospitals across America for the last 25 years.
Seven years ago,  we launched a comprehensive workforce solution--TRS Managed Services. TRS Managed Services is a Managed Service Provider with our own proprietary best-in-class Vendor Management System. With a very intentional focus on rural hospitals and hospitals that face unique recruiting challenges, TRS Managed Services has an unparalleled record of delivering on difficult-to-fill positions. In 2021, TRS Managed Services partnered with one of the industry’s best International Placement firms to now offer an additional critical resource in a hospital’s recruitment/staffing arsenal. TRS Managed Services is an endorsed partner of the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals, a Pipeline Partner of the National Rural Health Association, and is now an official Business Partner of National Cooperative of Health Networks.

For more information please contact:
Jeremy Wilson
VP of TRS Managed Services & TRS International
(479) 259-5118

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