Grant Coaching & Review

Professional Grant Coaching & Review

Discounted rates on professional grant review services for upcoming federal grant programs

The Grant Coaching & Review service connects members with an approved grant coach at a pre-negotiated, discounted rate. The grant coach will provide critical review and editing services to NCHN members that are working to submit and win federal grants.

As the federal grant arena becomes more and more competitive, many grantors are recommending that applicants utilize a professional grant reviewer in order to maximize the quality of the application and thus the chances of being successful. This is most applicable to federal grants (HRSA, USDA, SAMHSA, NIH, NIMH, etc.).  

When you submit a request for service, we will send you a list of reviewers that match your grant interest. Once you have selected a reviewer, you will work with them directly to improve your proposal. Reviewers will review and edit a “near final” draft of the narrative of the grant application, the appendices, and all required forms. Reviewers may also provide coaching throughout the project (provide technical assistance, answer specific questions, recommend a strategy for project completion, offer advice on style and length, etc.).  

Reviewers have applied and been selected based on their experience with federal grants, including writing, editing, managing, and serving as a federal grant reviewer. The coaches are non-competitors in the grant application progress. A coach will only be assigned to one applicant network per grant program.

Interested in being a NCHN Grant Coach? Please apply here.


Linda K. Weiss, LCSW