NCHN Membership Benefits

NCHN is the only national organization devoted to the support of health networks. As a member, you gain access to educational and networking opportunities designed to support health network leaders and staff. In addition, you become a part of  community of health network leaders who can support you by sharing their knowledge and lessons learned. NCHN’s network leaders span a broad range of experience and knowledge and are excellent resources for other members. NCHN is an organization that fosters collaboration among executives and offers numerous educational opportunities for members.

Educational Opportunities designed for Health Network Leaders, Staff, and Board Members

  • Discounted Registration at the Annual Educational Conference
    Held each year, the NCHN Annual Education Conference is the face-to-face meeting for NCHN members and covers timely topics related to managing a successful health network. After conferences, the most cited benefit is the opportunity to meet other network leaders and find out about innovative work other networks are doing.
Past Conferences
2019 NCHN Conference (San Diego, CA)
2018 NCHN Coference (Atlanta, GA)
2017 NCHN Coference (Bozeman, MT)
2016 NCHN Conference (Oklahoma City, OK)
2015 Rural Health Summit (Portland, OR)
2014 NCHN Conference (St.Louis, MO)
2013 NCHN Conference (New Orleans, LA)
2012 NCHN Conference  (Denver, CO)
2011 NCHN Conference (Scottsdale, AZ)
  • Leadership Learning Community & Discounted Registration at the Leadership Experience
    In 2011, NCHN developed a leadership program designed for leaders of health networks. The Leadership Learning Community commences with the Annual Leadership Summit held in September or October, during which participants receive a workbook and materials for the program. The workbook contains modules used in follow-up conference calls. The program closes with a final face-to-face meeting held at the Annual Conference.
  • Conference Calls
    Member conference calls cover timely topics of relevance to health network leaders.
    • Quarterly Networking Conference Calls
    • Executive Roundtable Calls facilitated by leadership and network expert Dr. Mary K. Chess (monthly)

Other Benefits

  • NCHN Listserv
    Send questions and discussion topics to the NCHN member list and receive timely responses via email. Share your knowledge and tools with other NCHN members.
  • Access to the Members Only area of the website
    • Documents
      • Samples, Templates, and Educational Documents to help you lead your network
    • Network Administration
      • Manage your network’s profile at
      • Add staff members, giving them access to the Member Only discussion area and documents
  • Monthly e-Newsletter
    The semimonthly newsletter is sent the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month and includes national news, upcoming events, funding opportunities, and NCHN news
  • Biennial Network Leader Salary & Benefit Report
    Every 2 years, NCHN conducts the Network Leader Salary & Benefit Survey and releases a report summarizing the data. The report includes information such as average salary overall, salary by budget and region, and network leader benefits and demographics. As an NCHN member who participates in the survey, you receive a free copy of the report. 
  • Discounted services through the Business Partner Program
    NCHN Business Partners go through an application process to ensure that their services are a value to NCHN Members. Following the application, NCHN negotiates a reduced rate for NCHN Members. Partners are listed at To receive the reduced NCHN rate, contact the partner and let them know you are a NCHN member. Benefits are also available to members of NCHN Network Members.
  • Highly discounted subscription rate to GrantStation is an online tool used to find funding opportunities offered by government entities, as well as private foundations. Through your membership, you and members of your network receive a deeply discounted subscription rate. For details, contact  Linda
  • Annual Awards
    Networks and network leaders are eligible to be recognized for outstanding work through the Awards Program.
  • Research support for members on request
  • Referral to resources and other members for assistance
  • Promotion of health networks at the national level
  • Ongoing identification and development of programs and resources that support networks
  • Facilitation of collaboration among members and collaboration with other national entities (e.g., NRHA)
Application Process


NCHN annual dues are determined by the member organization’s most recent fiscal year’s operating expenses, as reported on their 990 form and/or other Internal Revenue Service reporting format, including expenditures for all programs, services, including programs supported by grant funds, and any additional companies that are under the management of the parent organization. 

NCHN dues for 2021-2022 are as follows:

Operating Budget




$250,001 - $500,000


$500,001 - $750,000


$750,001 - $1,000,000


$1,000,001- $5,000,000

$1, 850

> $5,000,000