Executive Roundtable (ER)Executive Roundtable


Provide a confidential forum for an exchange of innovative solutions, plausible funding sources, promising practices and social networking opportunities tailored for leaders of rural networks.  


Provide relevant topics, measureable program goals, latest available national information, and adaptive leadership approaches to health network executives through lively, engaged, and facilitated conversations.  


The long-term value of your unique rural network depends on your leadership, the leadership of the board, and the people around you. How can you develop exceptional leadership at every level of the network to enhance network contributions to rural communities and increase the long-term value of the network?

NCHN is the premier membership association for health network leaders across the United States. NCHN membership represents approximately 1,500 hospitals, clinics, mental health programs, public health departments, school-based clinics, and other organizations engaged in, and/or supporting the delivery of quality, affordable health care to their service areas. Over the past two years, NCHN provided monthly technical assistance calls (Coffee & Tea Chats) for members to discuss sustainability, business modeling, and strategic thinking around revenue sources. These monthly calls also served as a conduit for network leaders to share and seek advice from their peers in a safe environment. NCHN is adding leadership development to the conversation by launching the NCHN Executive Roundtable (ER) Program in November 2014.  

The ER (Executive Roundtable) focuses on improving the performance of both new and experienced rural health network leaders. Non-competing network executives will come together on a regular basis to learn from and innovate with each other.  Each ER will be limited to approximately 25 Network Executives. 

The ER Program will be delivered through monthly conference calls. The calls are customized engagements designed to support the leadership demands of network executives. Specific discussion topics for each ER session will be preannounced. Dr. Mary Kay Chess will provide a short presentation on the topic and then facilitate a discussion with participants. Members of the ER will share funding and revenue challenges as well as network collaboration successes. Members of the ER are expected to commit their time to improving their own leadership skills, developing peer executive relationships, and to supporting one another in the creative challenges facing leaders of networks.  
Call-in details for the ER will be distributed to members via email. You can find upcoming ER calls under Upcoming Events.