2012 Call for Success Stories

Rebecca Davis
Jul 16, 2012 05:52 PM
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Dear NCHN Member:

NCHN collects best practice models, success stories, and lesson learned to share with network leaders. These examples of the work that health networks are doing across the country also submitted for posting on the Rural Assistance Center Website. The example you submit could be a huge success your network enjoyed and celebrated or it could be a project you tried and it didn’t go so well – any activity, project, new program, etc.,  that you have implemented, expanded or tried and decided not to pursue since last year (January 2011 – June 2012) can be submitted.  

So, please think about the past year and share some best practice models, success stories, and/or lessons learned!  This is a great opportunity to not only distribute information widely about the great work NCHN members are doing, but it will also add to the public body of knowledge about health networks.  The models will be shared through NCHN’s website, as well as on the Rural Assistance Center’s site. 

If you haven’t visited NCHN’s networking section on the RAC website, here’s the link to the location that includes NCHN members’ Success Stories since 2007: link to NCHN Success Stories on the RAC website

Take a look at some of the previous Success and Lessons Learned stories posted by NCHN members and add your 2011-2012 stories today!  Thanks in advance for your assistance with this project, which is designed to expand our collective networking knowledge and experience!  Every NCHN member is encouraged to submit a story for 2011-2012 --- even if you have submitted a story before, please submit a new one!  Info about a new project/activity/program your network may have worked on since January 2011 is sought.

The NCHN Program Development Committee has assumed management of this NCHN project and the committee members challenge you to submit your story today – all success stories received by August 1, 2012 will be included in a drawing for a $15.00 gift card. 

If you have questions about this project, please contact Rebecca Davis at or by calling 970-712-0732. 


Thank you for your participation in this project!

2012 Program Development Committee Members

Download the Submission Form (doc)


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