Services for HRSA Network Development Planning Grantees

Through funding from NRHA, NCHN is able to offer Executive Coaching to HRSA's Network Development Planning Grantees. On this page you will find information about that program, as well as links to leadership and network resources.


Tools for Executive Directors and Boards (Center for Nonprofit Leadership)

Collaboration Factors Inventory (Wilder Research)

Rural America At A Glance, 2012 Edition (USDA ERS)

Telehealth Resource Center

Rural Assistance Center

NACO: 2013 Technical Assistance for
Rural Health Network Development Program Grantees

NACO: 2013 Technical Assistance Application (pdf)

Leadership Resources

Tools for Executive Directors and Boards (Center for Nonprofit Leadership)

Collaboration Factors Inventory (Wilder Research)

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Leadership Articles

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Executive Coaching Program

NCHN’s mission is to support and strengthen health networks through collaboration, networking, leadership development and education. Network leaders face greater challenges than ever before. Resources are stretched and each day presents a new challenge. The NCHN Executive Coaching Program was developed in 2009 to provide additional support to NCHN members, both new and seasoned Network Leaders, to deal with the day-to-day business of the operation of a successful network. This program is supported by the National Rural Health Association to provide assistance to rural health networks, by building successful network leaders.

What is Executive Coaching?

Some have defined it as an efficient, high-impact process --- NCHN’s Executive Coaching Program is an effective, targeted program designed to assist Network Leaders in how to focus, generate insights, and make decisions to improve performance. This program provides additional support when needed in order to perform better.

Coaching sessions are interactive. Coaching is delivered in 30–45 minute, one-on-one sessions dedicated to exploring strategies and models to assist the “coachee”. The Coach makes observations, provides tools and moves the discussion forward, motivates, and sometimes provides a “reality check” for the coachee. And, as in all competitive events, the coachee must arrive to the session prepared to participate.

Goals of the Executive Coaching Program

The goal of this program is to enhance the management and leadership skills of Network Leaders, thus improving the effectiveness of networks and ensuring sustainability. Through this program, Network Leaders will:

  • strengthen leadership skills
  • explore the culture of networks
  • improve management skills, and
  • become more knowledgeable of resources available

The NCHN Executive Coaching Program is designed to help coachees gain a clearer sense of their personal vision for their network, improve their performance and enhance the quality of their career. This program supports NCHN’s mission to support and strengthen health alliances across the nation.


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