Platinum Partner Membership

The National Cooperative of Health Networks Association (NCHN) mission is to support and strengthen health networks through collaboration, networking, leadership development, and education. NCHN is the only national organization dedicated to assisting and supporting healthcare networks, alliances, and consortiums.

NCHN's Platinum Partnership connects members with services and products that support the success of health networks and their members.This Program provides access to premium products and services that NCHN members have indicated an interest in purchasing and/or promoting to their members. 

Partnership includes the following:

Development of a strategic marketing plan

Strategic marketing plan designed to promote YOUR CORPORATION and its products and services to the NCHN membership, to be managed and implemented by NCHN, which shall include the following:

Partner membership to NCHN

Membership for YOUR CORPORATION which includes, but is not limited to, the following benefits for up to five individuals:Subscription to the twice monthly NCHN e-News

  1. Discounted member rates for NCHN activities
  2. Legislative Action Alerts (electronic)


  1. Six Months of NCHN Website advertising (included and NOT available to NON-partners)
  2. Four issues of Newsletter advertising (included and NOT available to NON-partners)
  3. Use of the NCHN “Seal” in promotional materials, mailings and advertisements alerting readers of YOUR CORPORATION’s commitment to NCHN’s mission
    *These messages must be approved by NCHN and distributed during the contract period. NCHN requires a minimum of two weeks to approve materials.
  4. Recognition on the NCHN Website as Partner Member
  5. A standing link on the NCHN Website directing visitors to YOUR CORPORATION’s website.
  6. An “All Member” e-blast demonstrating YOUR CORPORATION’s commitment to the mission of NCHN.
  7. Access to the NCHN mailing list via a third-party neutral mailing agent during the Term, with the ability to target the mailing to a selected demographic within the NCHN membership to the extent that NCHN has the capabilities of sorting the mailing list by such demographic selections


  1. Opportunity to produce and present TWO webinars (live educational online seminar presentations) to the NCHN membership.  Webinars may be recorded and made available via the NCHN website throughout the partnership term for viewing by the NCHN membership
  2. Opportunity to produce an e-blast to be delivered to NCHN database of the YOUR CORPORATION value proposition upon approval.

NCHN Annual educational conference

  1. Exclusive PARTNER MEMBER ONLY front and center booth space
    1. Signage at conference depicting partner member level and booth #
    2. One full conference registration plus one additional exhibitor pass
    3. Conference Program & Promotions
      1. Listing on the NCHN Conference Website as a Platinum Partner Member
      2. Inclusion in the Exhibitor Recognition Slideshow
      3. Listing as an Exhibitor in the conference program
      4. Listing with Partner Seal depicting partnership status in the Exhibitor Guide
      5. Engagement and introductions
        1. Up to three in-person introductions during the conference of targeted attendees
        2. Up to 5 digital personal introductions of attendees (typically email) prior to conference
        3. Up to 5 digital personal introductions of attendees (typically email) post conference
        4. Receipt of an attendee list at least two weeks in advance of NCHN event, AND immediately following the conference a final list of all attendees including contact information, when available, of all registered attendees

More Information

Larry Bedell
Sponsorship Director, NCHN (National Cooperative of Health Networks Association)
Direct- 913.269.1199