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LoneStart Wellness
Creating Lifestyle Changes that Change Lives

There is now widespread agreement that the health consequences of overweight, obesity, smoking, stress and physical inactivity present significant challenges to all individuals and organizations by increasing the cost of  healthcare. This is even more evident when we calculate the impact of obesity on the direct and indirect costs of mostly preventable—and expensive to treat chronic conditions.

The LoneStart Wellness strategy is not really about thinness, or smoking cessation, or physical activity! It’s about creating the individual and collective mindset that our lifestyle behavior choices have consequences, and that participants can, in fact, take charge of their health. By engaging them in the process, they create, and become, the change they seek. The strategy is about creating lifestyle changes that change lives.

Our mission, in partnership with NCHN, is to improve the health status of member networks, their partners and the communities they serve.

Through LoneStart Wellness, a positive, proven behavioral-based wellness initiative, we’re spreading Viral Wellness ™.  We’re out to make wellness, health and well-being contagious.

Contact us for details, information and a full proposal. We look forward to helping your organization create a true and sustainable culture of wellness and well-being.

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