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HCAHPS Breakthrough™ Webinar Series #11

Announcing an exciting partnership between Custom Learning Systems and NCHN
40% - 97% off the HCAHPS Webinar Series for NCHN Members

NCHN members who have previously ordered the HCAHPS series can order Series #11 for only $150!NCHN is pleased to once again bring this educational opportunity and savings to our membership. Through our partnership with Custom Learning Systems, LLC we are offering to NCHN members, “HCAHPS Breakthrough™ – Webinar Series” a dynamic, high impact, innovative, practical education series designed to achieve breakthrough sustainable improvements in your HCAHPS patient experience survey scores. Webinar/HOPE Plan authors, Brian Lee, CSP, and David Dworski, MA, will personally lead the webinar series, bringing a half century of training experience, enthusiasm, participant engagement know how and a remarkable blend of combined HCAHPS expertise.

NCHN members can purchase access to the series for the low rate of $325 and make it available to all their hospital members! This is a significant savings off Custom Learning Systems’ published price.  Members who have preciously orderd the HCAHPS Series can order Series #11 for only $150!

Here's how the HCAHPS Breakthrough™ Webinar Series Works:

  • Each webinar will focus on one HCAHPS domain and is crafted to provide participants with a step by step actionable blueprint to sustainably improve their patient experience scores.
  • The content has been designed to provide an engaging, educational, how-to roadmap that will captivate the imagination of attendees to successfully drive positive behavioral change at every level.
  • NCHN members are encouraged to share this information with all of their Hospitals members and should encourage them to enroll 10% of their people, (5% management, and 5% frontline leaders). This high level of participation will create a critical mass of expertise and generate powerful implementation momentum.
  • The series will launch with a bonus session for C-Suite Leaders & HCAHPS domain champions by focusing on three critical skill sets needed to lead, plan and systematically leverage the series to achieve their strategic goals.
  • Each webinar includes a downloadable Learning Guide that features priority best practice tools, LEAN friendly SOP checklists, and critical implementation skills.
  • An important building block for webinar curriculum is the Custom Learning Systems proprietary “HCAHPS HOPE Plan™”, Hardwiring Outstanding Patient Experience, a powerful systematic step by step blueprint to hardwire sustainable HCAHPS improvement.
  • As a value-added bonus, every NCHN’s members’ hospital team will receive a complimentary one hour customized Coaching Call with authors Brian Lee, CSP, and/or David Dworski, MA.
  • Every registered participant will be emailed a follow up DO IT™ Implementation Checklist, and an attendance reminder for the next webinar.
  • Participants who miss any of the scheduled webinar series, or wish to revisit or share the content with other employees, can access the HCAHPS Breakthrough™ Library for one year.
  • Every participant will receive an HCAHPS Breakthrough™ Series Certificate of Completion.

HCAHPS Breakthrough™ Webinar Series Schedule

Eleventh Series: March 27, 2018 - March 26, 2019

All Webinars scheduled on Tuesdays at: 10PT / 11MT / 12CT / 1ET

1. Leadership Engagement: The C-Suite Leader Role in HCAHPS Transformation™ March 27, 2018 
2. Quiet at Night: The Quiet Revolution™ April 24, 2018 
3. Cleanliness of Patient Rooms: Cleanliness Matters™ May 22, 2018
4. Communication about Medicine: Medication Education Imperative™ June 26, 2018 
5. Communication with Doctors: Skillful Physician Communication™ July 24, 2018 
6. Communication with Nurses: Relationship-Based Nurse Communication™ August 28, 2018 M
7. Discharge Information: Discharge Satisfaction Guaranteed™ September 25, 2018 
8. Pain Control: Compassionate Pain Care™ October 23, 2018 
9. Responsiveness of Staff: Revolutionize Staff Responsiveness™ November 27, 2018 
10. Transition of Care: Care Transitions Done Right™ December 18, 2018 
11. Overall Rating: High-Performing Overall Hospitals™ January 22, 2019 Create a Hospital Experience that Patients Will Enthusiastically Recommend 90 minutes
13. BONUS WEBINAR! Marcus Engel: Applied Inspiration™ March 26, 2019 


 How to Purchase

Through NCHN’s partnership with Custom Learning Systems, we are able to offer this program to you as a NCHN member for the low rate of $325 or $150 for networks who have previously ordered the HCAHPS series.!
To purchase the program, complete the online order form. When you register your network, you will receive a link to the webinar and a code to provide to your members. You will receive an invoice for $295 which covers all of your members.

If you have questions, please contact Linda or Rebecca.

For more information, contact:
Linda K. Weiss, LCSW