Health networks, both established and newly forming, rely on the services of outside consultants to obtain assistance and guidance. The National Cooperative of Health Networks Association (NCHN) has a collective wealth of network development knowledge, network management skills and overall network expertise with its membership base. For years, NCHN members have shared their knowledge and assistance informally and usually at no cost to other network organizations. A formalized process that coordinates the connection of network leaders seeking assistance to experienced network leaders willing to provide consultant services will provide a much needed resource for health networks across the nation.  These connections will also facilitate collaboration and coordination between network organizations and assistance in developing sustainable networks that meet the healthcare needs of their service area.

Rural Health Network Resources, LLC (RHNR), wholly owned by NCHN, has developed such structure through their new RHNR Consulting Group that will provide referral services for health networks to qualified, experienced network leaders. RHNR’s Consulting Group, which includes individuals and network organizations, provides specialization in all facets of network development and management, planned growth, sustainability strategies, production development and other topics related to the development and management of a successful network organization.  Through RHNR Consulting Group, networks seeking assistance will be connected with experienced network leaders and/or network organizations serving as independent consultants with the requisite expertise.  

Obtaining Services

Health network leaders interested in obtaining quotes for consulting services from RHNR Consulting Group should complete the “Interest in Consulting Services Form” and submit it to RHNR.  The RHNR Manager will prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) that will be distributed to all appropriate registered consultants  of the RHNR Consulting Group.  Interested consultants will prepare and submit their proposal to offer the services  to the RHNR Manager, who will share all received proposals with the requesting health network leader/organization. The health network leader/organization seeking the services will make their selection. A contract will be executed between the requesting network organization and the selected consultant/network, with a copy submitted to RHNR.  If you are interested in requesting services from the RHNR Consulting Group, please complete the “Interest in Consulting Form” and return, along with the Request for Services Agreement and return to Rebecca

The consultant application is now available online. Current NCHN organizational members and NCHN Associate Members are invited to apply to be a member of the RHNR Consulting Group Team.

If you have questions or would like to apply, contact Linda at


Participant Agreement: Download, sign, and return to Rebecca ( to connect with a RHNR Consultant.