NRHA Webinar - Understanding Interoperability in Rural Health and its Challenges

04/17/19 03:00 PM
04/17/19 04:00 PM

In this webinar, we will examine the industry's move towards interoperability and will discuss the impacts of this shift as it relates to rural health. We will address specific challenges that are unique to rural health and discuss the need for facilities to establish a strategic approach for improving interoperability. Learning Objectives: • Briefly discuss industry regulations and shift towards interoperability • Address specific challenges as it relates to rural health • Discuss the need for participation across all entities • Review the meaningful use measures that have already been achieved that help make interoperability attainable • What to expect in the coming years - briefly touch on new legislation Target Audience: Chief Executive Officer; Chief Financial Officer; Chief Operating Officer; Medical Group Manager; Chief Information Officer; Meaningful Use Contacts

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