ER Call

11/12/18 11:00 AM
11/12/18 12:00 PM

A recent report on, _Life In Rural America_, was issued earlier this 
month by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It is well worth a 
discussion among network leaders. Join us on the November NCHN ER 
call and we'll take a deeper dive into the findings and, how these 
findings may influence the work in your Network.

Overall, the report findings illustrate that rural Americans have 
strong ties to their local communities and value life, family, and 
jobs in rural America. However, rural Americans also cite significant 
challenges for their local communities. The top problems rural 
Americans will face in the future are drug addiction/abuse and 
improving troubled local economies. While rural Americans are 
confident that major problems facing their local communities can be 
solved within the next five years, a majority say they need outside 
help to solve these problems.

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